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Emotional Baking

Recipe Information

When you bake, check that a parent/guardian can help you when you use an electric whisk or when you’re working with anything sharp!

I know you can do a lot by yourself but be careful!

I use the "scoop and shake" method when measuring flour...

That’s when you scoop the ingredient into the cup and shake off the extra.

Altitude, temperature, weather, oven type (convection vs conventional), and emotions may affect the outcome of a recipe. Please take this into account.

...ummm...ask your parents…or don’t – it’ll taste good either way!

Weighing the ingredients as noted in the recipes is the best and most accurate way to achieve the same results every time.

If you don’t have a kitchen scale; using measuring cups and spoons will work well.

Make sure your ingredients are the temperature as noted in the recipe.

This is not as much fun, but it’ll make for the best results!


Emotional Baking
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