Feel. Bake. Better.
Emotional Baking
When you feel like...
there’s too much happening around you, there’s too much noise,
you have lots to do and you’re worried you can’t do it all,
you’re sweaty, scared and feel like it’s all just too much?
It sounds like you’re feeling overwhelmed.
Don’t worry - you can do something about it.
You can start by talking to a parent, teacher, or friend...
and you can bake!
I’ll help.
Let’s make something that’s...
fun and easy,
has fruit, cream and COOKIES in it!
  • Overwhelmed?
  • You can bake
  • Strawberry Peach Trifle jr.
  • Fruit, Cream, Cookies
  • Fun
This trifle is not only fun, it’s delicious! What’s equally delicious is learning that you can tackle any problem, big or small when you break it down into little steps. Not only will you find that you can do it, but it’s not that scary!
strawberry peach trifle jr.
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Prep time: 15 minutes
Serves: 2
  • 65 g (about 10) arrowroot biscuits, broken into pieces
  • 200 ml canned peach slices, drained and chopped
  • 170 g fresh strawberries, chopped
  • 300 g vanilla pudding
  • Whipped cream (premade or follow the recipe below):
  • 250 ml heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp granulated sugar
  • ½ tbsp vanilla extract
Let’s get started.
PART 1: With the help of a parent, carefully slice the peaches and strawberries into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.
Break up the arrowroot cookies into small pieces. Set aside.
Take your time. You’re doing great!
PART 2: With the help of a parent, make the whipped cream (skip if using store-bought). In a separate bowl, using an electric whisk, whip the heavy cream with the sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form. Set aside.
So fun! Don’t forget to lick the bowl!
PART 3: Assemble: Start with a layer of the arrowroot cookies. Next, add a layer of the peaches and strawberries. Then top it with a thick layer of vanilla pudding. Repeat the layers until the dish is nearly full.
Enjoy this process. There’s something about the repetition of this step that’s calming.
PART 4: Spread a thick layer of whipped cream on top to finish.
Enjoy your treat, take a breath, and remember that you can overcome anything if you give yourself a chance.
overwhelmed strawberry peach trifle jr.
overwhelmed strawberry peach trifle jr.
(Recipe and Photos courtesy of Emotional Baking©)
Baking can be a lot of things – it can be distracting but simple, it can be movement with focus, it can be whatever you need when you need it. Choose a recipe to fit the mood and it becomes a useful tool as well – baking to quiet the mind, to connect with your emotions, or simply baking to feel emotional. Just think of the feelings you get and the emotions you experience when baking your favourite dessert…. excitement, relief, fulfillment, joy, accomplishment.
At Emotional Baking, our recipes can be the starting point to somewhere - it can lead you to a place of great comfort, one that feels like the beginning of something, something good...
A note for anyone who needs it:
Baking, while wonderful, can only help so much...
If you’re struggling in any way,
If you feel alone or you need help,
Contact your primary care physician or follow the links below to find help in your area. You are never alone!
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Emotional Baking
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